Estimate for Insurance Claims

How Roof Ryders can Help you?

We start by preparing your estimate from scratch and see how our estimate compares to your insurance adjuster's scope-of-loss.
Almost 100% of the time, our fair and honest estimate reveals more damage, than initially assessed by most insurance companies.


Lately in Calgary North East, we believe the reason behind missing items on your insurance's scope-of-loss, is the extensive workload and long hours put on shoulders of adjusters and the overall scale of hail-damage loss to be assessed as quickly as possible. In situations like this, we highly recommend that you have a well-known, independent and an experienced second-eye, look over your property damages and make sure you get a fair assessment.

Our professionals are highly experienced in providing a detailed, well organized and a solid estimate, that is backed-up by detailed photographic evidence, collected during the inspection. The price-lists we use to prepare your estimate, are the same as the ones used by every insurance company in town and they clearly reflect today's market prices to successfully and completely remediate the damage caused by Calgary's June 13, 2020 hail-storm.

When it comes to hail-storm damage estimates, we set the caliber by believing in being honest and fair, strictly without comprising on quality. Time is of essence, do not waste anymore time and get started by giving Roof Ryders a call today.

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